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Gift Experiences £30 Gift Experience

£30 Gift Experience


Our £30 Gift experience voucher includes 60 tokens and 5 free rides to use on the rides and attractions at a Carters Steam Fair location of your choice in 2020.


Rides cost 4, 5 or 6 tokens per person and we leave it up to you to choose which rides you want to use your tokens and free ride passes for.

Most toddler rides cost 4 tokens
Most family rides cost 5 tokens
Most thrill rides cost 6 tokens
Most games cost 5 tokens


Our £30 experience voucher will give you enough for 12 to 17 rides or games, depending on how you use your tokens and passes.

Please keep a note of your booking reference and bring it to the main token booth on the day of your visit, to redeem your tokens.